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Behind the Scenes with Robin Prince, Vice President of Operations

Posted by Credit Management Company on Aug 10, 2021

Our mission statement shows the commitment we have towards our clients. “Credit Management Company exists to provide world-class customer experience, unmatched value to our clients, and a growth-driven environment for our employees.”

Since the leadership team is responsible for making decisions on long-term strategies, we sat down with Robin Prince, to learn about her role in helping both CMC agents and their patients.

What do you think is the most important aspect of your job?

Without a doubt, my job is to make an agent's job the easiest and most efficient it can be. I’ve been in the seat of an agent.  When I was in college, I worked a part-time job in collections, so I know some of the struggles, trials, and tribulations of being in that role. I understand the day in the life of an agent. Combine that experience with my background of integrating technology with CRM platforms, and I’m able to improve the workflow for an agent.

It sounds like you bring empathy to your position. Is that a true statement?

Yes, for both agents and patients.  I’ll never forget five years ago when I had two disks herniate into my nerve root. I was in a lot of pain and needed emergency surgery. I walked out of there with what seemed like a big copay. But, I can’t imagine what that surgery would cost me now. Health insurance is so expensive, even if you are perfectly healthy. So I know it is a difficult conversation we’re having. I believe we need to offer people a more comfortable way to talk and discuss this to alleviate a little bit of that stress. 

What’s an example of a change you’ve implemented that improved the lives of both your agents and your patients?

 One example is the virtual callback ability. Instead of having people wait in a queue and have a 12-minute wait, we now can call that person back. This is a much better use of everyone’s time. In addition, we also offer texting, which saves our agents from talking to people who would rather communicate via a text message. 

Can you talk about your leadership style?

 I try to recognize the potential in everyone. If I see potential there, I'm willing to give it my all. I don’t ever want to tell someone you’ve made it as far as you are going to make it. I appreciate my team members, and I allow them to grow. I’m also very open to other styles of leadership.

What is your greatest accomplishment at CMC?

I can think of two answers. First, we all need more time in our lives, right? I’ve worked hard on finding technology that can enable agents to multitask. I’m also looking into ways that we can give our patients the ability to self-serve. This would free up agents to have the time to work with accounts that can't be self-served because they are more complex.

And second, I'm very proud to say that when the pandemic hit, we were able to respond quickly. I think we were told on a Tuesday that we had to be out of the office that Friday. Within 10 days, 95% of our team was up and running from home. 

Do you have any future goals for operations at CMC?

Of course! My head is spinning with all the things that we could do. We would love to dig a little deeper into the technology aspect of communicating with patients and improve the accessibility of our patients to self-serve. For example, one day it would be great to have an app that people can download on their phone to make a payment. Also, I’m working hard to hire the caliber of agents that can cross-train on multiple hospital systems so that we can be more efficient across multiple call centers. That would enable us to handle overflow calls so we can get to our patients as quickly as possible. I’m always reviewing what is out there in the industry that we can use. 

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