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Post-Discharge Calling Services for Healthcare Facilities

Posted by Credit Management Company on Apr 19, 2022


To increase billing transparency and streamline payment plans, many healthcare facilities turn to third-party companies to complete post-discharge calls. Collaborating with a third-party accounts receivable management company can make the process of setting up a payment plan and collecting on  bills less challenging. At CMC, we have the expertise and tools necessary to implement a comprehensive post-discharge calling service that will alleviate the burden placed on your healthcare staff and increase the likelihood that patient billing is paid in full.


What Are Post-Discharge Calling Services?

A post-discharge program should be completely customized to meet your healthcare facility’s specific needs. It’s important for third-party services to understand your patients and your clinical setting, so patients will feel post-discharge calls are an extension of their care and won’t find the calls intimidating. Our experienced representatives are trained on your facility’s branding and customer service model to ensure that the calling program fits in with your organization’s culture of patient care. 

Your post-discharge calling program can include clarification of services received and coordination of payment, or if appropriate, setting up a payment plan that meets your facility’s standards. 

In addition to post-discharge calling services, we offer other third-party services such as: 

  • Early out collections
  • Creating and mailing patient-friendly billing statements or pre-collection letters
  • Insurance verification 
  • Charity scoring
  • Bad debt recovery


How Can Outsourcing Post-Discharge Calling Services Benefit a Facility?

Many healthcare facilities have discovered that it is a burden to hire and train the staff necessary to coordinate and maintain effective post-discharge calling services. There either isn’t enough physical room for the staff, there aren’t resources or personnel to train and supervise the staff, or existing staff may not understand what the program needs to succeed. Particularly in healthcare settings, staff are needed for patient care duties and may not have the capacity to perform billing-related calls. 


By outsourcing your facility’s post-discharge calling services, you’re relieving your staff of the burden of hiring, training, and supervising a team to make these calls. Further benefits include

  • Increase in full payment of facility billing
  • Higher staff satisfaction rate
  • Improvement in accuracy of patient billing records
  • Improvement in patient understanding of services received
  • Improvement in patient understanding of facility billing and payment schedules
  • Reduction of costly collection measures


How CMC Can Help Your Healthcare Facility 

By using CMC for your healthcare facility’s post-discharge calling program, you can increase the number of patients reached after being discharged. You’ll also maintain consistency in post-discharge follow up, increase the likelihood of full repayment of the bill, and receive detailed, extensive reporting of the call results. We have decades of experience delivering results for our healthcare clients. 


If you’re ready to let our expertise benefit your patient care, give us a call at (412) 937-0900 or contact us via our website.

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