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What Everybody Ought to Know About Call Center Metrics

Posted by Julie Prex on Feb 09, 2016

2704959_medium.jpgRunning a call center is more than managing inbound and outbound call volume.  In fact, there are key metrics that anyone outsourcing to a call center should understand.  These metrics will help you make informed decisions about the right outsourcing partner for your business.

  • Average Hold Time – How long does it take for a representative to talk to your patient or customer? Hold times are a good indication of staffing levels.  In general, a hold time of less than one minute is considered acceptable.  Higher hold times may mean that the business is not appropriately staffed to handle the volume which will most likely lead to more complaints to your office.
  • Average Talk Time – How long does it take the representative to meet your client’s needs? Highly skilled call center representatives should maximize results in minimum time.  The goal is not to rush a customer off the phone but to resolve the caller’s concerns in the least amount of time in a polite and understanding manner.
  • Abandoned Call Rate – How many calls truly go unanswered? Abandoned rates measure the inbound calls that are abandoned before the customer speaks with an agent.  This is most likely due to long wait times which can be attributed to under-allocation of resources.  High abandoned rates will lead to customer service complaints. 

Next time you are talking to your third party vendor or when it’s time to send out a new RFP, be sure to ask about the call center metrics.  You’ll be happy you did. 

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